2014 Goals

I’ve never been much of a believer in New Year’s resolutions.  They tend to either be too vague and you can’t focus on a specific acomplishment or too ambitious,  leaving you unsure of where to begin.  Throw in this unexpected move to Germany that is consuming my brain and the thought of making resolutions or goals feels, well, pointless.  January will be spent making list and separating our belongings according to when they are shipping and selling/donating what can’t come with us.  In February movers come and we’ll spend about 3 weeks here on air mattresses and trying to keep a 1 an 3 year old entertained.  February/March we will be between Arizona, California, Virginia, and finally Germany.  Sometime in April (hopefully)  we’ll receive our things and be in our new home.  Yeah, so excuse me for not feeling super motivated,  inspired, excited to make New Year’s resoluions or 2014 goals.

But.  I do know that not planning at all will set me up for total failure.  So I’ve been thinking about it, in between the thousands of lists circulating in my brain, and my goal for 2014, at least for the first few months, is consistency.  I have a good routine right now of exercise and diet.  Through all of the chaos of the next four months, my goal is to keep exercise and proper, healthy eating consistent.  I will use my gym here as an escape from the house when I have no furniture to sit on and only paper plates to eat from.  I will contact the box (crossfit gym) in the towns I will be visiting to set up drop-in visits.  I will contact the box in Germany (yes, I found one where we are moving to :) ) to set up joining once we arrive.  I will make water a priority.  Water before coffee, water before coffee, water before coffee.  And reach for fresh veggies and fruits before processed foods. 

Consistency among the chaos.  I can do that, right? 

One thing is for sure, I will blog my way through it.  Will you keep me going?

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